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    Hafedh Boujmil

ISBN: 978-9938-940-03-9
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In the warm shade of Tunisia

De: Hafedh Boujmil

The present book offers the reader a rich iconographic panorama and a collection of lively texts describing different facets of Tunisian reality in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Thus, after wandering through the streets of Tunis and its Medina, or along the slopes of Sidi Bou Said, the authors take us into such different realms as the study of the population of Tunis, Tunisian ports, trades and education. A short stay in Kairouan makes us quiver to the rhythm of Aissouia chants and a detour to visit the Merazigue tribe opens for us the gates of the Sahara. Here then, in their dual form, written and photographic, are those various journeys and experiences, restored to us as a result of a never-ending search by the compiler. These documents, which with the years have become relics of such a precious past, now shine a beacon on the history of our nation and are, in their turn, the bearers of memories.

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Format : 21×27 cm
Parution : mars 2017
Genre : Beau livre
Pagination : 184
Langue : anglais


Hafedh BOUJMIL présente près de quarante ans d’expérience dans le domaine de l’édition. Il a occupé plusieurs postes de responsabilité au sein du service culturel de l’Ambassade américaine et a été appelé à animer plusieurs séminaires de formation dans le domaine de l’édition en Egypte et au Maroc. En 1997 il fonda sa propre maison d’édition. Son expérience couvre l’ensemble des connaissances se rapportant au domaine de l’édition et de l’industrie du livre.
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ISBN: 978-9938-940-03-9
Éditeur: Éditions Nirvana
Date de publication: 2017
Nombre de pages: 184

“In the warm shade of Tunisia”

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